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Mike Perry


I would check the voltage output of your automotive booster charger.
That's how we cooked our battery. Also, your warranty from Concorde may
be void:

Here is a clip from an E-mail exchange with Concorde:
"We recommend the BatteryMINDer by VDC Electronics.

We've tested the 24V model here and will be (or are in the process of)
testing the 12V version. The 24V has our seal of approval and I expect the
12V will as well. "

FWIW -- Mike

On 11/12/2010 8:26 AM, Jim P wrote:

Mike and all,

As an additional point of reference, I've been using Concorde 25RC and
7AH Panasonic batteries since the first flight of my Q in 2000. I've
used an automotive booster charger on them for several years and
haven't seen any problems.

I do as a rule, I do rotate both batteries every three years since I
run dual electronic ignitions. Maybe I've been lucky......


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Perry <dmperry1012@...> wrote:

Mike Dwyer's comments on his 2 year old Odyssey battery brings to mind
recent problems with our C172. We burned out a battery in less than 2
years. It turns out there were two problems: We were using an
automotive battery trickle charger which puts out the wrong voltage for
Aircraft batteries (different electrolyte concentration) and which was
putting out the wrong voltage even for car batteries.

After research and discussion with our mechanic, it seems there are two
families of devices: Use Automotive voltage regulators and chargers
automotive batteries; use Aviation voltage regulators and chargers with
Aviation Batteries. Mike, you should check this if you don't find a
loose connection; you may not be fully charging your battery.

Concorde will void your warranty if you use an automotive trickle
charger with one of their batteries. Battery minder has aviation
specific trickle chargers:
(check their trade-up special if you are currently using an automotive
trickle charger)

Mike Perry

On 11/11/2010 12:54 PM, Mike Dwyer wrote:


So, I'm going to clean my plugs and look for a poor connection to my
battery (Oddysey PC925),

Currently I have standard pistons, Cessna starter, 2 yr old
battery that
doesn't crank very long, dirty plugs.

Mike Q200 N3QP

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