Mike Perry

I'm very interested in the Jabiru and have read a lot about it, here are a few thoughts and opinions:

1) I don't think you can find reliability statistics worth spending 30 seconds on. The Aussies might have them but I sure can't find them anywhere. Some Australian flight schools report great reliability, see this thread: (2200 engine)

Also this for lack of documented problems in NTSB stats (but how many were flying in the USA?):

2) There have been cooling problems. Much less of a problem with the current model, but be VERY careful with your baffling/cowling.

Also, there are several engine failures where the builder and/or mechanic did not follow Jabiru's directions or just did something stupid. I just hope I'm not that stupid.

3) The design with the separate head and cylinder came about with their first engine. If you check Jabiru's history they had a plane about to launch when their engine manufacturer went belly up. They quickly came up with an engine that could be reliably built by the local Machine shops and foundries. The separate head and cylinder were easier to manufacture there in Queensland. (I'm sure I've read an article explaining this but I can't find it tonite)

FWIW -- Mike

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