Re: N240JS Inspection

Rick Hole

I've been through dozens of these inspections with clients at work and I can
tell you the DAR will not sign off without some sort of compass and
correction card. While you might fight the DAR about it, it really is not a
smart move to do so; get them mad and they will get even. So choose your
fights wisely :-)



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"Don't forget to have your compass correction card stuck to the dash."

Actually, you do not even need a compass.

Michael Hilderbrand
Derby, Kansas
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Jabiru 3300 w/ Aerocarb

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They seem to look for that as we often forget about it.
Mike Q200

Terry Adams wrote:
A milestone.
Hope all goes well.
Check and double check, if possible borrow another pair of eyes.
Dot your "t"s and cross your "i"s.
I have had planes inspected by FSDO and it usually seems more time is
spent looking over the paperwork..
Albeit the inspector's signature is on the paperwork, your butt is in
the airplane.

Terry Adams

Joseph M Snow wrote:

Heads up...

FAA Inspection for N240JS is scheduled for December 12!!


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