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Good point.  However, by signing the Application for Airworthiness Certificate as an owner/builder, am I not declaring the aircraft to be airworthy?  So, I do not need to put such a statement in the A/C log.  Rather, the DAR writes that the A/C is eligible for Experimental Certificte.

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Just another thing with the FAA- Most of the time they are very picky with your “verbage”. Never will an Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft EVER be airworthy. When I was doing my A&P Oral and Practical I had the FAA sit in with my instructor to watch him. On a brake, the FAA (Doug Tape), asked me this questions. I was stumped and so was my instructor. Then Doug asked me what the definition of airworthy is: Must be in a safe condition for operation , and must meet its TCDS (Type Certificate Data Sheet). Experimental a/c do not have TCDS so never place Airworthy in any airframe log books for homebuilt.

When I had my Q- 2 inspected in May 2010, I almost didn’t get my A/W slip because of the data plate on my dual Mag. Any item w/ a PMA/FAA data plate has to have ALL AD’s researched and complied with. Luckily I had already done this and we used my program on my laptop so the FSDO guy could see that my AD list was current and correct. Also, he was picky on my Airspeed- I used Paint Markers to mark the instruments before test flights were done referencing what Quickie stated. My red mark on the A/S looked more like a range in his eyes so I had to use a razor blade and make the line thinner. Also, if your instruments are marked on the glass, make sure you have slip mark on the glass and instrument to ensure that the glass has not rotated.

My FSDO guy was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was an A&P/ IA before taking the position w/ the Indy FSDO.

Good luck

Brett Gerber

Ft. Wayne, IN


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I had some "bad" luck today....I decided to reschedule the FAA inspection. I do not want to go into details. I just could not sign a statement in the Aircrft log saying it was airworthy. Hopefully in two weeks....


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(sorry Sam - one more data point)
On my last inspection (15 months ago) the FAA inspector (yes, FAA from the local FSDO) insisted that I have a compass. I asked for an explanation because I had a Dynon with the remote compass and he said I needed a direction indicator that worked if I lost electrical power. Again, I asked (politely) for him to please point to the regulations where this is stated. He tried, but could not find any such requirement, but "strongly suggested I have a compass". This conversation happened over the phone before the inspection.

So I went to Wal-Mart and bought a three dollar compass and stuck it to the dash with double sided tape. Problem solved. During the inspection he noticed that I did indeed have a compass and he let it go. I have no idea how accurate the compass is, I have never looked at it, nor do I intend to. That's not the point. The inspector wanted one, so I put it in.

So as Sam said - just buy a cheap compass, put a correction card on it and move on to the important stuff.

Good Luck Joseph, please keep us informed!

- Paul

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Joseph, don't worry about it too much. Just get a compass card and stick it
on your panel. Write some numbers on it.

No worries.

When I had my inspection, the FAA examiner (yes, FAA) noted my compass card
with no numbers on it, and signed off the inspection.

Don't worry about it and let's not spend another 100 e-mails auguring the

Sam Hoskins

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