Martin Skiby

I would like to introduce myself to the group. My name is Martin Skiby and I live in Bakersfield California. I have been in the homebuilt word for many years and have owned and worked on many planes including a Vari-Eze that my wife had great success in racing cross country. I had the pleasure of being involved in the late 80's with a Q200 project that competed in the Cafe 400 with good results. because of the ground handling issues at the time the plane was retired for a couple of years and in 1991 I purchased it from the owner and did the TriQ conversion on it. I flew it for several yeas and rally loved that plane. Because of my short sighted view I thought that I wanted a Long Eze for more speed and fuel so I sold the plane to a guy on Fl. It was totaled in a hanger accident where a door flew off in a wind storm and took out the tail and main wing. OK all that to say here I am years later with a 19 year old son that has picked up the love for the Q-200. We purchased a virgin kit yesterday and well here we are. I know there are several flyers and builders in CA and I just want to get acquainted with you to see if I can get some advise from time to time and maybe my son a ride some time. After what I have read recently about the improvements in handing we would like to build the plane in TD form as intended. Also can anyone tell me if Berry Weber is still in Livermoore he had a beautiful Q-200 and he and I flew together often. I dropped out of the RACE events soon after he built his Long Eze. Well that is it for now other than an invitation for anyone looking for a flying destination to drop into BFL for a visit.

One other thing. I am also working on completing a Defiant at the same time my son wants to start the Quickie. GEEZE...

Thanks to all,


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