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Martin Skiby

I would assume that the Quickie and Q2 would because there is proof that Burt had direct involvement with this plane. As for the Dragonfly, I am not sure. If the Cozy and Velocity are allowed as spin offs then I would say yes.

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I have not seen this come across our group, but would the Quickie or Dragonfly go under the category of a Burt Rutan designed aircraft?

Also, being newer to the Q-list, do we have a gathering/meal at Oshkosh as a group?

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EAA is working with builder, owner, and pilot groups to encourage a major gathering of Burt Rutan-designed aircraft at AirVenture 2011, and will also create a special parking area for them on the flightline. Well-known Rutan aircraft designs will also be on prominent display and serve as a backdrop for various presentations during the week, as well as featured in the afternoon air show on Thursday, July 29.
Individuals with Rutan-designed aircraft flying to AirVenture or who are looking to participate in the Rutan tribute festivities are asked to email their interest to Rutan2011@... <> .

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