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Martin Skiby

This method has worked for me perfectly for seveal planes and hindreds of hours. You can also just silicone it into the spinner if you wish. Not expensive and works great.

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Someone told me about using Clark foam, glassing both sides and cutting
out the center to tightly fit over the prop hub. Through trial and
error, the foam/glass piece is sanded in a taper to fit the nose cone.
Works for me.

On 12/13/2010 11:06 AM, Jim P wrote:


I had Ron Saber make me a tapered aluminum front bulkhead crushplate
about the thickness of the original 0200 crush plate (3/8"?). I then
wrapped rubber "fusion" tape around the bulkhead to create, in effect,
a large o ring that stays attached to the aluminum bulkhead. This
works great for keeping the spinner centered.


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Hi all,

I am looking for help to find something. Problem is, I don't even
know what to call that something...

I have an aluminum "disk" bolted to the front of my propeller which
serves as a spinner "bulkhead". Around this disk I run a length of
rubber hose that is split (making it kinda U shaped). The hose only
stays put for about 5 hours before it starts coming off. I've tried
all sorts of things to secure it as well as "glue" the ends together
(to make it continuous) but nothing seems to work.

I'd like to find a 10.125" diameter rubber ring (continuous) that
has a U cross section. Anybody know what to call this or where I might
find one?


Jon Finley
P.S. I thought about making a glass "adapter" between the disk and
spinner like I've seen in Q-Talk (Lynn French, I think??) but the
rubber ring works nicely (but doesn't stay put).

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