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Martin Skiby

Thanks Paul, I was thinking exactly about doing the same thing with the conduit.

I have the schedule that Sam H. Used to build his new main wing. Sounds like it is the same deal.

Thanks for the help.

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You can go ahead with the foam cutting, there is no difference with that.

The only difference is fairly minor, in that the spar caps are not square ended as per the plans, but tapered at the end to eliminate abrupt stress risers.
I will find the plan for these and send you off line.........bear with me.

Regarding wiring conduits, I glued a small plastic conduit to the center line of the trailing edge shear web of the main wing after glassing and before attaching the slot cores and trailing edge cores.


Paul Buckley
Cheshire, England

Waddelow TriQ-200
Still building.........

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I have been told about a new lay up schedule for the main wing for the Q-200. The Wadlow schedule? Does anyone have the specifics on this and comments on its benifit. We are going to start the foam cut for the main wing and I wanted to have any input. Also what is the best method for putting a conduit in the wing for lighting on the tips. I intend a LED Nav light only so 2 small wires.

Thanks all.


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