Re: Rubber ring for front bulkhead

Jon Finley <jon@...>

Hi Bob,

I used "rubber" generically, sounds like you are using about the same thing
I am. However; I hadn't thought about "stitching" the ends together with
safety wire - great idea!! I will give that a shot.



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Hi Jon,
You could try what I use. I also have a thin (.060) aluminum plate for
my front bulkhead. You're right, rubber won't last. So I switched to
urethane fuel tubing (Tygothane). I split it lengthwise, wrapped it
around the plate circumference, and safety wired the ends together.
Urethane has very high cut and abrasion resistance. I have been using
this setup for some 500 hours with almost no wear evident. Since the
spinner contains the tubing from flying off from centrifugal force,
there is little pull on the safety wires and there has been no cutting
of the tube from the wires. Works for me.

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