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Jon Finley <jon@...>

Hi Robert,

After quite a few attempts, I finally got some footage like you requested.
With the equipment that I have, the camera is attached to the vertical fin
and I have to start the recording by actually pushing a button on the
camera. So, once I get to the end of the runway, I get out, push record,
just back in, and take off. The problem I have been fighting is that my
camera stops recording when I hit a sharp bump.

I do not know why exactly but yesterday everything finally worked!

So, take a look at my latest video on Vimeo (

There is another new video ( that was taken by
a friend when I passed him on the way home from breakfast. Very short and
the lighting is all wrong but still fun.



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Dialed in, sighted in and doin' the two step!
Jon, (or Mike D) I would love to see a "tail cam" from the bottom of


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