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Robert Bounds

Wow! You got it right, Finley. Makes me want to go fly right now. All those guys building need to watch this film every so often to get pumped up. Pretty inspirational. Thanks.

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Hi Robert,

After quite a few attempts, I finally got some footage like you requested.
With the equipment that I have, the camera is attached to the vertical fin
and I have to start the recording by actually pushing a button on the
camera. So, once I get to the end of the runway, I get out, push record,
just back in, and take off. The problem I have been fighting is that my
camera stops recording when I hit a sharp bump.

I do not know why exactly but yesterday everything finally worked!

So, take a look at my latest video on Vimeo (

There is another new video ( that was taken by
a friend when I passed him on the way home from breakfast. Very short and
the lighting is all wrong but still fun.



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> Dialed in, sighted in and doin' the two step!
> Jon, (or Mike D) I would love to see a "tail cam" from the bottom of
> the
> ship.
> Robert

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