Re: Engine Choice


Hey Martin,
In the newsletter that I just sent out Tuesday, there is an article by
Joseph Snow about doing the W&B with a corvair engine on a Q-200. Joseph
will probably be the first to successfully fly a Q-200 behind a corvair

I am also going to try that route, but as of yet, it is not proven, and my
project is still under reconstruction.

Not sure if this helps your decision at all.

Dan Yager
QBA Editor

OK, I hope I am not jumping too far ahead, but I like to get things
worked out far in advance. I am considering a few alternative engines for
the project. One would be the Jabiru, which I have talked to a few of you
about. The other I am looking at is the Corvair. Anyone have experience
with this set up that they would like to share good or bad? It looks like
a nice engine and with the bearings supports I have seen maybe not too bad
for a Q200. Any information would be great.

Thanks all and have a Merry Christmas!

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