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Terry Crouch

Hi Guys,

The Q1 prototype reportedly flew fine with the tailwheel fin as the
rudder until they encountered a crosswind. Then the tailwheel fin went away and
several different rudder designs and ground angle of attach reduction
before flight testing was completed.


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You got me curious, and I started to dig into some old litterature, and
you just
might be right on this one.

On the very first page , the front cover, of the Quickie construction
Plans of
the Onan quickie, there is a three dimensional drawing above/side/front
on the side drawing, ...studying that section of the aricraft, you see a
over the tailwheel.

However, ...also, looking at the fin, and the movable finsurface, you can
see that the rudder looks like it is only a couple of inches.

It is only a sliver of a rudder, the rudder looks like a 2 inch ruler
about, a
very small flat stick along the trailing edge of the fin, a feature that
in the
plans is not incorporated, the plans actually calls for a normal
rudder surface, and is described in details in the building plans. The
built per plans does not look like the rudder on the front page.

Apparently the original Quickie had a different steering arrangement , and
up on the front cover of the building plans.

Now, if that steering arrangement was also incorporated into the
tailwheel, and
thus it's fairing was also part of the steering...I don't know, but as
steering wheel will follow the ruddeer, in the Q-plans I can assume that
idea was that the steering wheel, with a fairing over it, would contribute
the steering.

My guess of how this developed was that , as they just put an adequate
surface, and dropped the idea with a two part rudder (cowled
steeringwheel, and
rudder), the cowling over the steering wheel was dropped, as not necessary

The overall aerodynamic gain in a cowled steering wheel probably got lost
, when
this was dropped.


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If I don't mis remember, the ads in different magazines out for the
quickie in the -70's, showed the Onan version Quickie with a fairing
tailwheel. It never caught on though, but's gotta do
Wasn't that the actual rudder as opposed to simply being a faring?


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