Re: Working with Phenolic

Martin Skiby

Yes I would love to take you up on the offer for a ride. With the Holidays and
bad weather here we ahve just had to push it out. He is trying to schedule his
check ride and finding a day to get up to Livermore has been tough. Thanks for
the reminder and I will chat with you off line to put it together.

Thanks very much.

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I believe I'm the guy that pioneered the use of Rulon bushings on Quickies several years ago and proved that it works. The steel bushings wore out and I did not want to replace them with like. Many on this list have done the same with similar results. These bushings can be used on the elevator, control rods, aileron and rudder pivots.

Someone on this list can provide you with the specifics.

Jim Patillo

Heading to the airport for a trip to Reno this morning.

P.S. Never heard back from you from last conversation regarding giving your son a ride in Livermore.

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There are several pieces of Phenolic that are missing out of the kit that I just purchased. I know that I can make them from sheet, but wanted to ask the group the best way to do so. Is it better to have it machined so that the fit would be the most accurate for the control tubes or can this be done adequately with a normal drill press and sharp bits? Also is there anyone that is currently fabricating these parts as I am also missing some of the bushings for the control tubes and hinge points.


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