A new bird

Jim Patillo

Hi Charlie,

Sounds like you're there! I hope the conversion is everything you had wished for. You've spent a lot of time doing it right and I'm looking forward to seeing it in the air.

Best of luck to you!


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The plane is pretty much together. The last position light was wired in
today and the landing light was final mounted and the lens put on.

The panel has to come off to be anodized and then the switch harness can
be put in and a couple of more wires in the panel and it is done. I will
then put power to the circuits for checkout do final timing, WT & balance then
ready to start.

Getting Closer,
Charlie Johnson
Ogden, Utah

Watch your 6 KB

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logistics_engineering@... writes:

Charlie, you are right. They do become lawn darts when pointed straight
down. The max speed my airframe has ever seen is around 240 mph during

Are you running your new engine yet?

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