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Clive Clapham

Evening Jim,
Apology accepted.
Sorry I don't have a website, but have uploaded a few more photos to the
GBXOY phots section so you should an idea.
Still a bit of a work inprogress.
Kind regards

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Morning Clive,

I realized after sending that email yesterday, I should have curbed
it. It's been rainin' too much around here and we're all gettin' cabin

Every one and I mean everyone has a right to do as they please, so
long as it doesn't harm anyone else. I've always followed the plan that
"if it works well, don't reinvent it, copy and improve. I only reinvent
when no one has the answer. Sorry if I came across "ansy".

I wish you the very best in this coming year. Do you have a web site
or some place I can see your plane?

Jim Patillo

P.S. Tried to commit flying yesterday but the weather god wasn't
working with me.

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No need to get so ansy.
I made it quite clear I was talking aero, and you brought in ground
handling, in my book they are two different things.
Your happy with your show plane, I'm happy with my "backyard
special" and if you think I have any dangley bits, you are mistaken.
Each to their own.
Flying as soon as I can.

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Happy New Year Clive,

I'm not confusing anything aero or othewize, please reread my
email. As soon as anyone demonstrates they can consistantly cruise their
Q at 200 MPH + I'll be all over it. BTW, the JimBob Six Pack has proven
itself over and over for many years now. At this stage, people either
get it or they don't. So you can dangle what ever you want from the back
and its OK.

You are correct, my plane weighs 775 lbs. If you ever saw it up
close and personal you would understand why. I built it with the
intention of having a fast, clean looking show plane and that's what I
got. I wanted a production looking airplane, not one that looked like it
was hatched in a back yard. In retrospect, I would have done it the same

Best regards and now.............. go FLY!

Jim Patillo

P.S.Flew to Truckee, CA (Reno)in the Sierras yesterday. Lots of
snow in them thar hills.

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Hi Jim
Missed your last reply(away for the Hols)
Appologies, should have said dangley tailwheels.
It,s the tailwheel in the slipstream that does the damage
aerowise, that's why mine is tucked up behind the fin as much as
Lets not confuse aero for convinence, thats a personal
The original tail wheel geometry was just plain wrong
exaberbated when pointing the tailwheel down to get the correct ground
When the geometry is corrected they can be made to work just
dandy, but without the kickout mode. Again PP.
I would agree that the average Q2-200 is not as clean as a
Klaus' Varieze, but are closer than you give credit and can be made
realy quite good. Check out the sq plate area in the old cafe 400's
Sheehan at one point showed less than Hertzler.
Klaus's engine is anything from standard, aswell as a very clean
airframe, but you got to admitt their bow main gear ahead of the prop
arc hurts them alot.
If you want to go fast it's not just drag and weight that's
critical how about horse power?
Klaus has the lot, and has spent alot of time/money to get
Sam handicaped himself in the last race IMHO, no offence Sam.
BTW what weight is your Q Jim I think I have you at approx 775
lbs empty?
Happy new year
Clive ... Gobxoy

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Hi Clive,

Me and many others have had that "aftermarket" tailwheel
installed for a very long time and as far as I know everyone flying it,
is happy. I haven't heard one complaint. For me, I'm willing to trade a
couple of knots for convienence. "Turns on one main (with dual brakes),
unlatching the full swivel allows the plane to be handled much more
easily on the ground, also allows for canard incidence adjustment, more
beefy and better control down the runway.

The video Sam provided shows "things" laid across the
airstream and I can see that drag, but what happens when you turn that
rod in line and flow air over it lengthwize? What kind of drag does that
create? NOT MUCH. The vertical area of the tailwheel on the other hand
does create drag but so does the original tailwheel.

There's no doubt drag is critical but if it's ones goal to
have the lightest and cleanest Q in the air, one should start that
concept from the first layup, not at the end of the project. Again,
given the available engines and HP, I believe this plane hits the wall
at around 215-220 MPH no matter what you do. Unlike Klaus' EZE , this
airframe is not nearly as clean. If Sam or anyone else for that matter
ever goes faster than that, I'm all ears.

Merry Christmas

Jim Patillo - Going out for another flight over Yosemite this
AM. Its beautiful up there. We're really fortunate out here with all the
great flying days.

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Nice one Sam,

That certainly puts drag into perspective.

Looks those aftermarket tails wheels that hang down are a
high drag item.

Merry Christmas all.

Clive Gobxoy

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Especially propellers

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Standard Time,
dmperry1012@ writes:

Wow! Thank you, Sam. Great Video.

I noticed the sound level went up as the drag went up --
if it's making
noise it's making drag.

Mike Perry

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