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Martin Skiby

OOPs I forgot to post the CAFE web page.

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I ran a race event at Wendover Utah in the Vari Eze right after the big motor went in. I ran 235mph over the salt and it really concerned a bunch of people. Remember folks that the VNE is indicated airspeed in most cases. I indicated somewhere in the 190 mph range at that altitude for that speed. Burt happened to be there that weekend in the Catbird and we had a nice chat about the plane and speed. He told me to "keep her under 260" and I would be OK.. I took that as a calming statement and remember it. Now the VNE on the Q200 is 220mph which is a bit higher than the Vari Eze if my memory serves. If you can get a 220mph indicated at say 5000 feet you would really be booking.

Jim is right however it is all about HP and a streamline airframe. in 1988 Gene actually beat Klaus in the CAFE so that has to tell you all something about the airframe. In 1989 Klaus just beat out Gene. That was the same year we went and raced our 80hp Vari eze and turned in 8th place with a stock plane and dirty wheel pants. My partner was 5th in his 0200 Vari eze also that year. If you go back to the CAFE web page there is some very interesting info. It shows me that the Q200 is a really efficient and fast design. Let's all just do what we do and safely.

I look forward to meeting all of you.

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