Re: Value of a rebuilt O200?

Mike Perry

Ron: Consider posting this question to the Cessna 150 Group:
Mike Perry

On 1/7/2011 7:04 AM, galeadams52 wrote:

Asking what I should ask to sell a "rebuilt" O200.
I purchased a rebuilt O200 18 years ago.
It had been in storage since then.
I have had it disassembled by an A&P and had all parts inspected for
rust or corrosion, magnafluxed, and measured for tolerences.
It is still disassembled, but has been "signed off" by the A&P as fine
to be reassembled.
Has starter, carburetor, manifolds, exhaust, generator, and Mags with it.

What is a reasonable price to ask for it?

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