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Hi John,
I have a Q2 in Somerset which is being refurbished. If you want to come an have a look give me a shout. I also have an LAA inspector locally who is familiar with mine. As Mick says don't do anything until you have spoken to Francis Donaldson at the LAA .  You can't just get any LAA Inspector as he needs to have the correct sign offs to inspect your type of aircraft at the various build stages. If you are unfamiliar with the parts I could always pop over to show what is what and let you take it from there. Give me a shout offline to discuss. quickieq2uk@...
Simon Wilson
Quickie Q2
United Kingdom

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Hello from a new Q1 owner in the UK,

well its not a new plane as it is still in the boxes! and it is about 20 years old. I am also not realy a new kid,, at 53 years old I rarely get refered to as a kid these days but I am new to building aircraft and to flying.

My main reason for joining is to gather as much information as possible about these type of homebuilt planes as I can before I actually get started on the build.

I have to renew my garage roof before I can get started and finish off a couple of other projects that I have on the go, Kit build cars. Then its all out to get the plane up and flying.

I have a list of parts but not knowing a aleron from a turnbuckle I could do with some pictures of the items concerned. I do hope that my kit contents is complete despite its age.

I got a new digital camera for christmas so I plan to take lots of pictures of the build.

Do you have any members in the UK? I am in Somerset.

I understand that the Q1 is accepted by the LAA here in the UK and that I will have the build overseen by a senior engineer who will advise me and sign off the build and the completed plane when it is finished. Is that how things are done in other countries?

Well enough from me for now

Kind regards John

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