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Weak data point -
Last time I used EZ Poxy, I ordered a 1-1/2 Quart kit from Aircraft Spruce (P/N 01-08050). It mixed and acted exactly like the Safe-T-Poxy the plane was originally built with. That kit from AS&S comes with the 83 hardener, so my gut reaction is to use 83.

Perhaps someone with more expertise (Charlie?!?) can give you a more technical answer, but as weak as it is, it's the only data point I have!

Good Luck!

Paul A. Fisher
Q-200, N17PF ~1400 hours over 20+ years

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I am getting ready to order my first round of Epoxy. I have decided on the EX poxy system but have a question about the hardner. 83 or 84?

Looking for guidance.

I have a bunch of old Aero Poxy and pump already, but it is 10 years old and may just use it for fill. I am getting new pump and going with the EZ poxy based on a recomendation by a trusted source.

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