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Martin, Paul,

According to my inside resin formulator from the EZ Poxy folks. It is the
same formulation as Safe-T-Poxy. Hexcel (deep pockets)dumped it as soon as
someone linked DMA in the cure agent to cancer. The formulator said you
have to be cooking the cure agent to be exposed to a hazardous level. Good
shop ventilation practices should preclude using any chemicals including
epoxies. Early epoxies were strong sensitizers and people became allergic to
them. Safe-T-Poxy is not a strong sensitizer and it takes more exposure to
become allergic to it. The DMA is another issue and if concerned a respirator
with an organic vapor cartridge in addition to shop ventilation would be a
good practice.

Wear your nitrile gloves if you get it on you wash with soap and water
then Orange hand cleaner with pumice. Do not wash in solvents. Do not eat
epoxy use a shop coat or shop clothes and change when going to work or stoping
work on the project.

I do not see a reason to use 84 hardener on the Q. I think the 84
hardener is more suited to a vacuum infusion process. It takes 3 times as long to
cure so you are going to slow things way down but the working life is the
same. Only benefit is easier wet out but 83 should wet out fine at room temp.

Do not work in a cold shop you will add many pounds of epoxy to your plane
from the increased viscosity.

Regards Technobabble,

Charlie Johnson
Ogden, Utah

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fisherpaula@... writes:

Weak data point -
Last time I used EZ Poxy, I ordered a 1-1/2 Quart kit from Aircraft Spruce
(P/N 01-08050). It mixed and acted exactly like the Safe-T-Poxy the plane
was originally built with. That kit from AS&S comes with the 83 hardener,
so my gut reaction is to use 83.

Perhaps someone with more expertise (Charlie?!?) can give you a more
technical answer, but as weak as it is, it's the only data point I have!

Good Luck!

Paul A. Fisher
Q-200, N17PF ~1400 hours over 20+ years

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