Re: Epoxy Choice


I would avoid using Aeropoxy for filling unless you really like sanding and repairing sand-throughs. Aeropoxy is a structural lamination system and the resin is pretty hard to sand. You will save more time using an epoxy like AlphaPoxy or even West System since they are easier to sand than EZ-Poxy, AeroPoxy, MGS, Proset...etal. Using it for flox corners or flox bonds would be OK but you might as well use the laminating system that you chose to begin with. I'm planning to use Aeropoxy light for filling. I'll let you know how it goes when it warms up around here!

Guy Bowen
Dragonfly MKII

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I am getting ready to order my first round of Epoxy. I have decided on the EX poxy system but have a question about the hardner. 83 or 84?

Looking for guidance.

I have a bunch of old Aero Poxy and pump already, but it is 10 years old and may just use it for fill. I am getting new pump and going with the EZ poxy based on a recomendation by a trusted source.

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