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Martin Skiby

I just added one to my photo album. Found it on the net.

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John Loram has a very small version of the 3/4 view on his homepage:

Not sure if he has a bigger version for you if you need it. Just FYI.

John, are you in here? :-)

Dan Yager
QBA Editor

Thanks Pat but I think you are correct the three quarter view would look
better. Darrell
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I don't have it handy or I'd send it, but maybe someone else has it

The 3/4 view of the fluid dynamic coloring of the Q might look pretty
A quick Google for it turned up this image, but it's only a side-view,
the 3/4 view.
Scroll to the bottom.


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Guys I have an unusual request. I am having another leg socket made
second foot . The first one has Harley egale on it with flames and a
scripture verse on it.. for the second I want a Quickie on it .
my airplane is not yet ready to take a photo of. I need a photo or a
that is black with a quickie on it. I could even have one embrodered on
shirt if I had the right photo to scan for it. Any help would be
Thanks Darrell


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