Wanna Host a Fly-in?


Hey All,
Several of you told me that you'd be interested in hosting a Tandem Wing event in 2011. As you've gathered, I'm trying to gather all of the information for these events so that I can post the Schedule on the QBA website.

I also wanted to offer you the following support: If you can host an event (Provide an adequate runway and a secure hanger for a weekend), I can help you locate dining facilities, negotiate lodging rates, and fuel rates, and provide door prizes including QBA T-shirts, coffee mugs, award trophies, etc.

So no more excuses, if you're interested in hosting an event, please contact me offlist so that we can get something set up.


Again I want to get out and see a lot more of you guys this year! Mostly so I can steal ideas for my own project! LOL!

An event here on the East Coast would be nice! (Or the UK maybe?) Hmmm?

Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

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