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Not bloody likely in the UK, but over here the very first Q2 was completed, .built slab sided out of urethane foam like the Quickie and another guy actually built a slab fuselage but I never saw a completed airframe. I dont think you would wanna do that to get a "cheap" airplane as it would wear your little hiney out getting all the measurements figured and getting correct weldments done. The challenge may be worth your time mebbe but not mine or the pilots I know.


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The Quickie and the Q2 did share a very few factory provided welded
mechanical parts in common (Aileron bellcrank (QCSA3), control stick(QCSA1),
control stick mount (QCSA2), various elevator pivots and mounts, etc, and I
think the tail wheel assembly and tail spring was the same (not sure).).
They also use the same BID and UNI glass, and, the foam billets for making
the wing cores, vertical stabilizer and control surfaces were the same. All
of which would account for maybe 20% of the materials you'll need to
complete the project, and none of the major prefab factory parts (fore and
aft fuselage shells, cockpit canopy, and engine canopy).

Take a look at this fairly complete Q2/200 Bill of Materials:

A far left column (On Hand) will allow you to list what you have.

I think you'll convenience yourself that you can't get 'there' from 'here'.

regards -john-


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Hi every body, I have been thinking about the Q1 kit which I have, its
un-started as yet and after reading many articles on the various models I
wondered if it is possible to use Q1 parts with Q2 plans and end up with a
seat plane. Are the majority of the mechanical parts common to both models?
there a major difference in the way the planes are constructed that will
this? Will the canopy need to be replaced or modified? I am building this
in the UK and realise that the build will be quite rigidly examined as it is

built and I cant just make it up as I go as is possible with the kit cars I
made. Your expert input will be much appreciated.

Regards John

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