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Martin Skiby

Thanks for the reply Charlie, It wets out OK and seems to not have any effect on the process. I believe we will use it.

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Test a sample by wetting it out with epoxy. If it was wet the sizing that
couples the bond between the epoxy and the glass may have been damaged. If
it wets out easy it is probably ok, if there are areas that will not wet
out without mechanical action it would be suspect.


Charlie Johnson

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OK, Quick question for the group. We started cutting strips last night
to secure the bulkheads in the lower part of the fuselage. The roll of BID
that I received with the project has some very slight discolorations on it
in some spots. Looks like I may have been wet at one time. My intitial
thougt was it was OK. There does not feel to be any difference in
flexability in the clean area and the stain area.

Any thougths?



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