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Terry, your review was helpful, except the top score is 10.

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Hi Alan,

Great job on the video of the fly-in. Now it should be interesting to
see how many actually order one after all the interest at the fly-in last
year. And it is cheap enough they have no excuses. Anyway, my review 5

Terry Crouch

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Hey Fellow Q Listers,

The squeaky wheel gets the grease!? After being quite admonished at our
Beatrice Fly-in last September, i am now pleased (and relieved!) to
say that
i have made a 2 DVD set of the event, complete with a specially-designed
case, and? i'm making it available to anyone who would like one.? I
put alot
of work into it but it was all pure pleasure, and would like to make it
available for ten bucks, which includes the postage.? Not making much
out of
it at all, actually, as most of that is factored into materials, and of
course, covering the postage, but it came out really sharp, and i
think it
captures pretty well the feel of the whole weekend.

If anyone would like one, send me a note off-list, with your address, and
i'll send you my address for your check, and get a set out to you right

The presentation runs about 2:15, and includes tons of flying (as seen
from the ground), lots of builders tips, highlights from our Saturday
banquet, and our departures, including Bruce and Honeylamb in their
beautiful new car, which really should have done a fast pass for us
down the
runway, upon departure.? Actually, with a little Photoshopping, i
think i can
make that happen!? :-)

Our plan is to make this DVD set available through Dan's site at too, so you can pay with a credit card.? But for now,
you can send me
a check, and i'd be a happy camper. ?

The plan also includes posting a brief excerpt of the aerial stealth
reconnaissance that Sammy and i did upon Kevin's and Paul's arrival
afternoon... there are a few brief moments there of some nice footage
with both
planes in view over the Nebraska fields.? I'll eventually have that
to Dan's site and hopefully on You Tube as well, once i learn how to post
things there.? I know you three would really enjoy seeing that!

Fly safely, and i hope you'll all enjoy the video,

All the best,

Alan T.

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