First Flight soon

Rick Hole

We suggest to our builders (Velocity, that is) that they keep their first
plans quiet (not meaning on the forum, but locally). If you have an
audience come to watch your first flight it could be harder to call it off
if you are hesitant for any reason.

That said, it is a good idea to have a couple knowledgeable people around.
We always have at least three people pre-flight without talking to each
other just to try to catch anything out. If not unanimous to "go" we ask
the pilot to delay.

I like to hang a digital voice recorder (video would be ok too) on the
intercom so the pilot can speak his observations. First flight is no place
to write your notes :-) And we take video from the ground as well. It
makes a nice keepsake and if anything is odd it can be a big help in

Rick Hole

Sold my Q2 kit, still helping Scott Swing with N1711Q

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