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Martin Skiby

I agree with Charlie. If you were using Safe-T-Epoxy just continue with the EZ-Poxy and nothing changes. I am using it to build ours. Aero Poxy is another one that is recommended by Rutan.

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EZ-Poxy is the same formulation as Safe-T-Poxy, use it per instructions
and all will be good.

MAS epoxy gets soft under hot tap water.

My .02 worth.

Charlie Johnson
Ogden, Utah

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Hi all.
I'm along time ago kit buyer who half built (???) my kit in about 4 years
and haven't touched it for 21 years and am now about to start again. Back
in the day we were using Safe-T-Epoxy
I see a product call MAS epoxy which sounds to have desirable
characteristics for composite sport aircraft building. Is this so? Any warning
precautions or general comments would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I posted this on the Quickheads forum about a month ago and got no
response. Is that a clue about where to post questions ?


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