Re: Mountain States Tandem Wing Fly-in

Mike Perry

I would like to ask the West Coast guys to think about what they want
for a TW Winter or Spring fly-in for next year. If we don't come up
with a plan, I think this event is going to die.

I also think we should have this fly-in on a different weekend than the
"Alternate Engine Round-Up." I like Pat Panzera's program, but the
Alternate Engine Round-Up is full of indoor talks and demonstrations; I
like a Tandem Wing Fly-in to emphasize being out on the flight-line,
looking at the airplanes and flying.

(Originally Don Stewart had the "Mountain States Fly-In". Pat added the
"Alternate Engine Round-Up" for the same weekend; when Don bowed out Pat
ended up running the whole thing. It seems to me Pat has enough to do
with 2 magazines and a business to run.)

Reading the recent flight reports from Kevin and Robert reminds me that
we have a great gift living in California and Arizona: We can fly 12
months of the year. I would love to see a mid-winter or early spring
Fly-in. Laughlin? We don't need much of a meeting room. Lots of other
sites in California could work, or think about southern Arizona.

I would appreciate it if someone would relay this to the Dragon-Fly
list. I would really like to hear some other ideas for a winter-spring

Mike Perry

On 3/14/2011 10:05 AM, Pat Panzera wrote:


I regret to announce that there will not be a Mountain States Tandem Wing
Fly-in this spring due to the lack of interest.

As a consolation to those who was looking forward to getting together at
Laughlin this spring, I recommend this alternative April 9-10

The Alternative Engine Round-up will held in conjunction with the Golden
West Fly-in at Marysville CA, June 10-12


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