Re: Midspan Elevator Pivot


Thanks Sam. I appreciate your input and I agree that folks should not try this until I have put some time on it. I think part of the issue with the failure accident that you mentioned was determined to be corrosion. this issue this may have also contributed to the same type of failure that was reported by John Finley (I think it was John?), where he noticed that the pin had broken when he was in the process of doing an annual.


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Jay, this is an innovative solution to the mid-span issue. I look forward
seeing how it works for you.

I do not remember the details, but we did have an in-flight failure of the
mid-span elevator a few years ago, with dire consequences. The NTSB
determined that the builder had removed more of the torque tube than the
plans called for and that tube had failed.

Other builders: This is a radical departure from the plans and while it may
seem like a good idea, and maybe it is, it is UNPROVEN. So, IMHO this does
not mean that you should install it yourself, but that you should see how it
works out for Jay, wait for his feedback, then proceed cautiously from that
point. (This sage advice from someone who tends to jump in blindly).

Please keep us informed.


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