Re: Tri Q landing gear

Martin Skiby

Great news, I had thought about making some molds from an unstarted set of
fuselage parts I had, but no need to. Glad to see someone taking the time to
bring this great plane back into the field. Fast and cheap to fly. Let's do
it. I am in California and will help out on this end of the States if

Let me know.


--- In, "Richard" <mylittlemgb@...> wrote:

To all looking for the Tri-Q conversion. I am working with Scott at this time to take over building the kits for the Tri-Q conversion. I do hope to be ready for production buy about the end of the month. This will include the nose gear. I will be making a couple ahead so no one ever has to wait. We are also looking to bring back the Quickie kit with very minor changes and much less building time. My local FISDO office is helping so that it can be kept in the 51% rule. If I can be of any help please feel free to contact me anytime.

Richard Kaczmarek
(937) 243-7303

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