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What we do in the USA is get a passionate idea, collect a pile of cash (do some kind of reliable market survey if we're smart) then roll the dice!

Ford was hot for the Edsel.

Nobody in US autos would even sniff in the direction of the lil German VW bug.

We know how all that went. And so it goes.


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Okay Lynn. You opened up a new topic for us to discuss. Just how many quickies might a quickie owner actually own? It basically speaks to the availability of parts and materials, even the marketability of new quickie kits. So, how many in the group have only one Quickie? Who have none? Who has more than one? How many? And is there a correlation with how many owned/how many flying? I have a few, none flying currently.

Phil Lankford

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The workmanship on this kit appears to be very top notch. If I didn't
already have three of these things in different states I would be all over
this based preliminarily from the photos.
LJ French

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Project can be completed as a Q200 or a TriQ.
Pick-up only in Tulsa, OK.
For Pictures and description go to:
Contact: Q200@...


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