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I'm heading to work on my project this morning and I'll measure as you
suggested. I'll let you know if that works or not.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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Just something to consider.....
Let's say you were to trim the fuselage LEAVING the "tapes".
The foreward edge of the forward fuselage is FS14.
The backend of the rear fuselage is at FS200.
Measure the lower-forward fuselage from the front to the rear (including the
Measure the lower-rear fuselage from the front to the rear (including the "tape"
at the forward edge).

Do you end up with a total of 186 inches? (FS200 - FS14).
Would the FS175 bulkhead fit into the rear fuselage at FS175?
Just an idea to think about.

Of course if you DID leave the "tapes" when trimming, and it does not look
right, you could always recut, and trim them off.


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I looked in Issue #10. There is a SHORT paragraph on Fuselage Trimming. They
recommend using a work/trouble light to view the tape edges and mark it with a
soft lead pencil.
They don't say with side of the tape to cut on.
They recommend using a handheld hacksaw blade to cut with. Warning that a
jigsaw will delaminate the sandwitch.
I had no problem with the jigsaw. I used a NEW, fine-toothed metal blade.
Suggest you cut a short distance then inspect VERY CAREFULLY how well it cut
before proceeding.
As with anything, talk to as many people that you can who have already done it,
and then use your best judgement.

I will look in the other issues and see if I see anything else.

Ron Cross

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Thanks Sam!

I think I need 'QuickTalk' issue # 10 which is one that I don't currently
have. Ron Cross posted a picture that shows him "trimming the tape away" as you
suggested. I'll do some more looking and see what I can come up with.

Thanks for everyone's help!!!


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It's somewhere in the archives. I think you trim the tape away.

You better verify though. Look in very old QAC newsletters and issues of


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All, I picked up an unstarted Q-200 kit last year and now I've started
build. As I read thru the construction plans (and the few
issues I have), I'm having a hard time locating which trim lines to cut
I can clearly see the tape lines that were used in the molds, BUT the
question is do I trim to the top of the tape line or the bottom?

Thanks for any inputs!

Neal Andersen

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