Alternative Engine Round-Up #8

Patrick P <panzera@...>


In case you haven't got the word yet, CONTACT! Magazine's Alternative Engine Round up has moved from our digs in Jean NV to coincide with the Golden West Fly-in at Marysville, CA. The date is set for Saturday, June 11th, about two weeks from now.

The cool part is I've worked it out so that those who fly in with an Experimental aircraft that's powered by an alternative engine (including certified engines that have been modified enough to be considered "alternative"... I'll let YOU decide if that's the case), will have the fees for that day waved, and we'll get preferred parking near the hangar that will host the forums.

Here are the details:

This move takes a lot of pressure off the skeleton crew that has hosted it for the past 7 years and hopefully the infrastructure will be more appealing to those who fly-in.

Please pass this along to any other groups you might belong to, that might have an interest in participating in this event.


Pat Panzera

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