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I find myself using more West Systems Epoxy. The biggest reason why is I can pick it up at any boat shop. This saves me in shipping cost and I hate to wait for things to come in. Most of the time I find out I need more when I need to get something done quick. This saves me in the event of my poor planning. E-Z Poxy and Poly Epoxy also work very well. Just try to stay away from Vinyl Ester the stuff is very bad for your heath unless you take the proper precausions like Tyvex suite and fresh air mask.

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What type epoxy is everyone using these days is it E-Zpoxy or some other brand. Does anyone have any of the old safe-t-poxy hardener (Part D hardener) that is still good and unopened. I know there is a health risk with it and some say it's not good but there are a lot of aircraft built with this old epoxy. Please reply (epadams@...).

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