Re: CS prop on Q2?

Sam Hoskins

Before you go to all that trouble and $$$ for an MT, you might want to give
Craig Catto a call. He makes great props and really lnows his stuff.


On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 8:39 PM, Richard <mylittlemgb@...> wrote:

Myself I would use the MT prop, I have had the chance to fly behind the
Woodcomp prop and it is a nice unit. From what I have seen the MT seems to
be the most used option. Regardless you won't be going wrong. When using a
fixed pitch prop you're compromising on cruise and climb. The cost is the
reason most go with the fixed pitch and ground adjustable gives the
opportunity to change your mind. Constant speed gives you all the above.


--- In Q-LIST@..., "flyboy" <patrickrameau@...> wrote:

My Tri-Q200 has a Warp Drive, ground-adjustable prop. Being in a hot,
high area (Arizona), I would love to have choices beyond "stuck with climb
prop or stuck with cruise prop." Do any Quickies have an in-flight
adjustable prop installed? Anyone have experience using them with an 0-200? is a Czech company that makes an electric one, as does, and the prices seem reasonable. Does anyone know any
sound mechanical/aerodynamic reasons NOT to proceed with that plan? Are they
really as "bolt and fly" as their websites claim?
While I love my new Quickie, both the climb (when loaded) and the top
speed seem less than they should be. Thanks in advance!

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