Rebuild Begins

Martin Skiby

I purchased back my tri-Q that we built in 1985. It was built as a tail wheel bird and competed in the CAFE 400 back in the day. I converted to Tri-Q in the early 90s and loved that plane. I sold it and moved to other projects in 96. It was destroyed in a hanger accident when a door fell on it during a huricane in FL. Well after this many years I found the salvage in Boston and was able to make a deal to get it home. It arrived on Wednesday and my son and I are already looking it over. The tail was torn completely off with all the damage that comes with and the left main wing was broken about 6 inches out from the fuselage. You can lift the entire plane with that wing, but any down force and it folds toward the ground having delaminated from the foam on teh underside. Also the engine needed to be removed for the transport so the guy I purchased it from had a great time cutting all the wires and hoses off at the firewall. GEEZE.
Anyway it is in Bakersfield and I would love to have any one come by that wants to see it and lend some advise. Basicly I will replace everythign aft of the seatback bulkhead. All structure forward of that was not damaged.

Just wanted to let folks know what was happening in Bakersfield.

Thanks all for participating in this group. It would have been very nice to have a venue like this back when we were first building.


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