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Mike Dwyer

Wow, starting at $1200 bucks! If you were building a Lancair 4 maybe. My switch panel cost closer to $12. Q's are way to simple for that fancy thing. Mike Q200
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Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 17:28:39 +0000
Subject: [Q-LIST] Vertical Power VP-X

Hi Guys,

Having more money than sense at this point (and not an excessive amount of either), I am considering installing the Vertical Power VP-X in my plane to handle all the electrical switching, circuit management/breaking and status reporting from a single device.

It seems like a neat little gizmo for a guy like me because it will allow me to customize/modify the installation after the electrical system is already fully installed in the plane. One of the nice things about it, is that it allows you to use any type of switch for everything without regard to current requirements of the device. This is because the switching is actually done inside the VP-X box, with the manual switch simply alerting the electronics in the box to activate the circuit and manage it according to programmed preferences. Circuit breaker limits can be changed in software as necessary and things like trim, starter, etc. can be programmed to be deactivated or desensitized as a function of airspeed, engine rpm and the like. It reports all status items to the EFIS and allows custom reconfiguration by plugging in an ethernet cable from a PC.

Has anyone in this group got any experience with this device (it is relatively new on the market)? They seem to have a lot of support documentation and videos on their site. One that I found extremely helpful, probably to anyone new to wiring is a generic document about the top 10 aircraft wiring mistakes. Link is:


Jay Scheevel -- Tri-Q, still building

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