Re: September Field of Dreams

Rick Hole

I've served on DC3 flights to the Bahamas twice recently with Missionary
Flights International. Granted, it's a bit bigger than the Q, but still, a
taildragger is a taildragger! I am one of their volunteers trained as
flight attendants.

Q200- N1711Q update: Scott Swing is busily working on the airframe. The
interior was removed, washed, dyed and stabilized and looks like brand new.
Fuel lines are replaced. We anticipate installing the new instrument panel
this week. It will have a fresh paint job as part of the re-conditioning.

It'll be hard to keep away from by then. Get the engine running. Test
flight and fly off hours around the airport, and put it into service.

Rick Hole

So, Mike:

I would like to see a TW or Canard Fly-in in January at Laughlin NV or
on the California Coast. Can't seem to talk anyone out here into that.
Maybe a TW fly-in in January in the Bahamas??? (No one will come from

Mike Perry

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