Livermore Fly-in, MARK YOUR CALENDARS!


Greetings, Q-Listers,

NOT to be outdone by our esteemed colleague and September Fly-in host, Sam Hoskins, we, Alan T. and Sam Kittle, want to officially remind all pilots, builders and hopefuls about the 10th Annual West Coast Tandem-Wing Fly-in, scheduled for August 26-28, coming up in no time at all! That's right, celebrating ten years of tandem-wing flying in Livermore, California, is what our commemorative anniversary event will be all about, so mark your calendars now for another great weekend of flying, learning, sharing and enjoying everything these marvelous airplanes have to offer. So many of you have already made it out to our Livermore event in the past, and have seen 1st hand, all the interesting things that are going on out here in Livermore, LVK, home of 6 Q Birds.? This year, our tenth, promises to be the most exciting yet.

We have just finalized our main speaker for the three-day event, who is just as excited about attending, as we are in having him with us.? Marc Zeitlin will be talking about things ranging from his work on Space Ship 2 and the rocket engine that powers Burt Rutan's latest design into space, to Belville washers, and what happens when a prop departs from your plane....? He is endlessly energetic, enthusiastic, an accomplished homebuilder, having built a Q-2 AND a Cozy, and is a most captivating speaker.

Capping off the events on Saturday will be our world-famous barbecued chicken dinner prepared by our very own Sam Kittle, who is himself making great progress on his Q-200.

Mark your calendars now for August 26-28, and be a part of what has become a not-to-be-missed event. Anyone building a Tandem-Wing Q or Dragonfly, or is contemplating just that, will receive a renewed burst of enthusiasm in seeing the many beautiful planes that do make it to the event. You East-Coasters, why not plan on coming to Livermore, see the country on your way back east, and then stop off at Sam's in Illinois, two? weeks later for the Field of Dreams?? What better way to put our planes to use, and to become ambassadors for our marvelous flying machines to those along the way who have never seen one before!

Please let myself, Alan, or Sam know that you are planning on attending, so that we can make sure we will have enough food for the Saturday evening barbecue. Alan: ?? millenniumflier@..., or 510-427-3432??? Sam:? skittle@... or 209-559-0903.

I will be updating the official fly-in website very shortly for hotel and arrival information, so stay tuned!

Looking forward to seeing the biggest crowd ever here at Livermore,? August 26-28, for our commemorative 10 year anniversary fly-in!

Alan Thayer and Sam Kittle, Co-hosts

NOTE:? Here is a quick biographical sketch on our main speaker this year, Marc Zeitlin:

Marc was born and raised in NYC and NJ. He graduated
from MIT in the dim, dark past with a BS and MS in Aeronautical
Engineering, back in the old days when engineering was done with
pencils and slide rules (and we walked to school barefoot uphill both
ways in the snow). His thesis involved getting paid to go to school
and build remote control gliders. Before coming to Scaled Composites
in 2005, he spent approximately 20 years in the medical field,
designing arthroscopic instruments, infusion pumps, intensive care
unit monitors, defibrillators, and other sundry items to assist in
medical care. He received two patents for infusion pump and
defibrillator paddle technologies.

Since joining Scaled Composites, Marc has worked on numerous projects, including X-37, various pods, and for the past three years has headed up the rocket motor development for the SpaceShip2 program.? He attempts to meddle in as many places as he can.

In the early 1980's, flush with money after graduating and while
living in a very cheap house and not having a family to support, Marc
built a Q-2, starting in 1981 and completing the plane in 1985. He
never flew the plane, but a subsequent owner did, and last Marc heard,
it was owned by Jason Frisbie in AZ. In 1995, Marc began
construction of a COZY MKIV and first flight occurred in 2002. Marc
currently has over 750 hours on the plane. He runs the COZY mailing
list and unofficial builders web site, and is the official COZY
technical support person for ACS, who own the COZY MK IV plans.

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