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Sam Hoskins

I know. Everything's a compromise.

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For what its worth...
That weekend is Grandparents weekend.
Many of us old geezers might have to choose stay at home with family.


Summer is here, so it's time to start talking about our annual Field of
Dreams Fly-in. As you recall, this year's fly-in will be held at Marion,
on September 9, 10, & 11.

Read all about it here:
The web site has travel, lodging, and other information.

Ladies invited! Check out the web site!.

Besides the change in venue, we will having a few other changes this
First off, I am inviting all canard aircraft, so we
are welcoming Vari-Ezes, Longs, Burkuts, and anything else that has a
in the front. The more, the merrier.

Second, we will be having a Fly-In breakfast on Saturday, hosted by EAA
Chapter 277.

So, take a look at the web site, set the date aside and make your travel

Best wishes.

Sam Hoskins

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