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Paul Buckley

You've got to give an accolade to the marketing department of Hallmark!
I've never heard of Grandparents Weekend either, but I guess it will arrive here eventually, along with 'Supermarket checkout operators day' and 'bus drivers day!'
Secretary's day is here I believe, but struggling............

Paul Buckley

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Being geezers (I still classify myself as a pre-geezer due to the fact that I am in my early 60's) nobody expects us to remember things like that---I've never heard of grandparents day and will claim the same in the future.

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> For what its worth...
> That weekend is Grandparents weekend.
> Many of us old geezers might have to choose stay at home with family.
> Pat
> >> Summer is here, so it's time to start talking about our annual Field of
> >> Dreams Fly-in. As you recall, this year's fly-in will be held at Marion, IL
> >> on September 9, 10, & 11.
> >>
> >> Read all about it here:
> >> The web site has travel, lodging, and other information.
> >>
> >> Ladies invited! Check out the web site!.
> >>
> >> Besides the change in venue, we will having a few other changes this year.
> >> First off, I am inviting all canard aircraft, so we
> >> are welcoming Vari-Ezes, Longs, Burkuts, and anything else that has a wing
> >> in the front. The more, the merrier.
> >>
> >> Second, we will be having a Fly-In breakfast on Saturday, hosted by EAA
> >> Chapter 277.
> >>
> >> So, take a look at the web site, set the date aside and make your travel
> >> plans.
> >>
> >> Best wishes.
> >>
> >> Sam Hoskins
> >>


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