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Bruce Crain

Roger that Sanjay.You might also check to see if your reflexer could use more range. I think that any time you fly faster than cruise a Quickie will push back on the stick and want to climb. Somehow that also equates to a bit of stability for the pheugoid (sp. it's been awhile) process if you can find the cruise "sweet spot".Bruce

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Regarding sparrow strainer setting for level cruise, my recollection from
last flight is that stick pressure was mild, if any, at 2200rpm and level
flight. So I am guessing that the sparrow strainers is probably reasonably
oriented for level flight at cruise, just not for full power. But if I lower
the sparrow strainers (TE down) it would need less fwd pressure when going
at higher power setting, and would require a little aft stick pressure
during level cruise.
Secondly, I have not yet changed reflexor setting, which may be yet another
adjustment to reduce amount of climb and fwd stick pressure at full power.
On my next flight I will try to pay attention to this stick force at cruise
power and level flight.


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SanjaySounds like you've got a handle on your Q! Excellent work on the
numbers! As for the climb at full power I think you should perhaps work on
the sparrow strainers for level cruise to see if they need to be modified
any. When you are cross country it is nice to have a stable pitch with no
hands on the stick if possible.Congrats again!Bruce
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