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Sam Hoskins

The trick is to simply cut them off. The other trick is remembering to
install lines a bit longer than you need, so you can cut them off later.


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Paul, congratulations on 14 years. I too flew on July 4, my 5th hour.
Now I have been attempting to replace the fuel filters, but am having
considerable trouble removing the filters. Since I have used urethane
for all the plumbing, it appears very hard to pull free from the barb ends,
once the hose clamps are removed. Is there a trick to pulling tubing off of
barb fittings?


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It was 14 years ago today that I made my first flight, I am headed out to
make a flight to celebrate that event.

Thnx for the posts about your flights Sanjay, it has reminded me of my
experience back then. Have you changed you fuel filter yet? The tanks are
never as clean as we think they are. Guess why I've brought this up. I
suggest changing the filters every five hours until you find nothing in
when you pull them apart.

Happy Birthday USA and congratulations Sanjay.


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