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Many Thanks, Jim,

Sam Kittle also sent me some pics of his tank offline, which apparently was modelled after yours, so am able to visualize your description. Thanks also for the extra comments about grounding and materials. Hope to see you and your plane (and everyone elses) in August at LVK.

Jay Scheevel -- Tri-Q, still building

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Hi Jay,

My fuels system is a one off. So here goes.

The header tank does not go fully across the fuselage like plans built tanks. It was made to fit to the right side of the radio stack centered in panel)and gos to within 2" of the firewall. It is about 9" tall and holds 5.5 gals. (I did this to offset the fuel weight to the right when flying single). It's accessed from the top as you saw in the picture but the picture is a little misleading. The fuel cap opening on the top of the fuselage is directly in front of the passenger.

All my fuel supply lines from pump to the header, through the shut off valve to carb are 3/8" stainless steel w/fittings. I do not like plastic. I have no site gauge but instead have two fuel guages and a low level fuel and light alarm.

The main fill tube is 2 1/2" dia. steel and runs through and exits the header to the right side of passenger leg at the bottom of the tank. The connection from header tube to main tank tube is 2 1/2" Goodyear Aircraft gas line. The fuel fill tube is recessed about 3/4" below the bottom of the upper fuselage with some small 3/8" holes around the perimeter. This allows me to quickly fill directly into the main tank or the header. The steel tube is grounded to the ground buss.

I have no gascolator!

The fuel cap assembly is aluminum (grounded as well). I've never had any fuel leaks anywhere but did replace the fuel cap gasket once because of an air leak (created lower head pressure than needed).

Hope this helps.


Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

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Hi Jim,

It has been a few years since I saw your plane. I was looking at the video of your walk around on the Q-tube and I noticed that you have a flush mount filler cap near the center of the header on top and in front of the glass. I am planning out my fuel tank plumbing now and am considering doing something like this. Can you tell me how that filler fits (where/how deep) into the header? Also, if you only fill from the header, how does it feed into the main? Thanks for your help. I am sure you have been asked this before, but I could not find it in the archives.

Jay Scheevel -- Tri-Q still building

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