N1711Q Update

Rick Hole

The fuel sensors turned out to be resistor-simulator types and once I
figured that out it was easy to get them to send a signal to the dual-meter
gauge and to the GRT engine monitor.

The two fuel leaks are fixed and when we "could not figure out anything else
to do" we decided to attempt engine start.

The O200 has been stored for five years so you just don't know if it will
give trouble. We had some difficulty getting the oil pump primed the other

So with the support crew in place and Scott Swing at the controls, we made
the attempt. To our delight the engine fired on the first blade but ran
only briefly before stopping of fuel starvation. Check that fuel cut-off
valve. Yep, it is on. Maybe we should try "off". Next start was
successful. And we put that valve actuator on the task list for rework.

The engine parameters looked good. Tach read correctly. Oil pressure OK.
All four cylinders showing performance on CHT and EGT. Fuel flow indication
inop. Mag check showed right mag connection to be hot (added to task list)
and no tach indication when right mag is selected. The engine ran smoothly.

We had several starts this afternoon and are very pleased.

After checking continuity of the mag key-switch, we concluded that the right
mag P-lead must be open. Alas, it was necessary to pull the engine off the
mount to check. And indeed the wire was open. Odd, it tested ok before
assembly. At this point I do not worry about that, just remove the old wire
and pull a new one. I do not want to deal with something intermittent later

We have a nice video of the event to post. I remember the video upload was
in limbo for a while and I do not see it on the website now. When downloads
are possible I will post it. Meanwhile when video rendering completes I
will post it on Vimeo and you can look at it there.

Rick Hole

N1711Q going flying in just a few more days

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