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Sam Hoskins

Never used it.

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Hey Sam,
I noticed they have braided/reinforced Tygothane. Would that work any
better than clear (except for sight gauge)?

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In complete deference to my friend John, whom I know is an expert in
urethane and knows more about the subject than the bare inkling that I will
ever have, I have been using urethane tubing with great success for most of
the life of my Q-200. Maybe it's the formulation that makes the difference.

I started out with Tygon, which was better then the original vinyl tubing
that QAC supplied. The Tygon was okay, then I stumbled across this stuff
called *Tygothane, *which is much better.

I get it here:
think Wicks and Spruce carries it, also.

I like it because is has a smaller OD than the rubber, is easy to work
and I can see the fuel inside. This stuff is really tough and abrasive
resistant and holds up to 100LL for a long time. I seem to change it out
every 5-7 years for no other reason than to be on the safe side.

Just my experience.


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