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Thank you all for your well wishes. Sanjay, I'm flying a 25 mile radius around 35D Allegan Michigan's Padgham field. My plan is to do the taxi tests and first few flights at nearby Tulip City airport which has a nice wide 6000 ft runway that's well kept and then move back to 4200 ft Allegan. Mike, how long you have to wait for FSDO depends on how "busy" your local chapter of the FAA happens to be. In my case, they were extremely "busy" and kept suggesting that I get a DAR. I believe that Sanjay only had to wait a few days for his "non-busy" FAA friends to view his project. After the dust settles, I plan on writing a little account of my experience for the newsletter to give some knowledge of the mysterious process to those who follow. I've learned a lot and it's useful to share it. But for now, I've got to line up a trailer, get a hangar and make the move. Stay tuned for updates. Jerry Brinkerhuff Q-200 Licenced N2935R Airworthy and ready to rock.

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Yippeee! And just a 100miles from Willow Run. What test area did they


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It could be a cold premium Grain Belt beer but it's not. No, it's my brand
new pink airworthiness certificate complements of the FAA. After 2 long
months of waiting I'm approved. Now it's off to the airport. Let the fun
begin. Jerry Brinkerhuff Q-200 Airworthy and ready to taxi/fly.

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