Morning Flight

Bruce Crain

I gave a ride to one of my UPS driver mates this morning from Enid to Wiley Post in OKC. We took off about 8:16 a.m. and climbed to 3500' msl. The temp was 93 at that altitude so it was a bit uncomfortable. I have plenty of cockpit air as I put exit openings under both main wings where as before I had under the fuz openings (min rollers).

The oil temp stayed at about 180 degrees F. I have an oil cooler with a NACA duct in and vent plenum out to separate the nose inlets from the oil cooling. I also have a plenum across the bottom of the block. The flight lasted about 30 mins both ways. I probably have slowed myself down with so much cooling but then in Oklahoma and the hot south that is not such a bad deal.

I also have plenums into the cylinder/head area. I do have to nose over a bit in climb out to keep the CHT below 400 degrees F. If I leave the mixture rich the temps don't go up nearly as fast but then I don't get quite as much climb rich at higher altitudes.

My friend Byron loved the flight even if it was hot. He said this was one of the best days he had ever experienced. The temp coming home at 4500' msl was 95. The oil temps were virtually the same 180 degrees.

The day eventually climbed to 114 degrees but we had left the airport area. I went home to mow the lawn! Try that in 114 degrees!! Followed by a dip in the pool! And of course a short nap. ;o)

I may be slow but I am one of the coolest Quickies goin'! And if I can keep her cool I get to keep her longer.

Bruce Crain

P.S. Primed and ready for Oshkosh!

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